Some Updates from KC!

Recently I was joking with someone about what blogging typically looks like, i.e. a collection of 10 or so posts that all begin with: “Man, it’s been a WHILE since I’ve written. I’m about to get back on it and keep at it!” Over and over again. A vicious cycle.

We’ve had a great summer in KC and even got to see a lot of Georgia friends since the last time I posted an update. If you follow any of my social media, you’ll know I am pretty enthusiastic about the changes in weather up here. This afternoon, we ate lunch. On our porch. Outside. In peace. With no gnats. And didn’t sweat.  All of the words in that description matter. And we even survived our very first earthquake with minimal damage! Incredibly minimal actually. So minimal that I created my own. CNN had all the coverage and if you scroll down you’ll see that I became moderately famous for a day.

Alas, the fall looks like it’ll be beautiful here and we’re excited. So on with the updates…

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