Why I Chose Residential Seminary at 28-years-old

I get it. Twenty-eight isn’t that far down the line. And looking at my stage of life, I wasn’t as “ingrained” as one could be at that age, but still. Relatively speaking, my wife and I were enjoying life where we were. We were surrounded by close friends, both our families live in our hometown, I was on staff at a great church, and on and on it goes. To say we were comfortable is an okay way to describe it. To say that’s why we left would be missing it completely.

I’ve read the books about risking and forsaking. I’ve heard the stories of God’s provision when it just didn’t seem like things would be possible. But I don’t number my own story among those, really. At least not yet anyway.

There were and are easier ways to do this. Online education is completely in vogue. And more to the point, online seminary training is making waves because who wants to leave their church? So what was it that moved us to, well, move us?

One day I hope to make a more formal case for residential seminary training, but what you’ll find here is me as purely as I can manage.

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