Apple’s Unintentional (But Funny) War on the Culture of Self

Social media is given to its own special form of “As the World Turns.” Another day – more flair for the dramatic. Today’s helping comes to us from the hallowed halls of Apple in the form of a glitch within their latest iOS 11 update.

The glitch – affectionately dubbed the “i glitch” – is prohibiting users from typing a lowercase ‘i’ within several apps, making routine communication annoyingly difficult. The result? Gems such as this from Twitter user @mcwm:

The whole iPhone experience is mesmerically centered upon one’s self and his or her personal interaction with the device, hence the given name for the it in the first place. It is a world within a world, and one that is increasingly separated from fleshly interaction. Some would say it’s a complete and utter separation from reality, a point which I am inclined to agree with.

All this serves to make the glitch infinitely more comical than it should be and, at the very least, helps us to know how incredibly often we refer to ourselves in texts and on social media. Those small boxes and their question marks are quite telling.

If only Apple’s next update could include the “me” glitch as well.

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