KC Life Lately…

Just a quick update for those who care a tiny bit about our transition to Kansas City… Probably just our moms, but that’s okay too.

At Home
We’ve landed in a cozy, little 2 bedroom apartment in Kansas City’s “Northland” (basically the area north of the Missouri river). We haven’t met many neighbors yet, but we will soon now that the weather is halfway decent. We’re up in a third floor apartment so we’re certain our downstairs neighbors love our 90 lb. bumbling bundle of puppy joy – our dog Ramsey. Our seminary doesn’t allow pets on campus, but we’re about a 10 minute drive to both the seminary and to downtown Kansas City which is great.

At Work
Everything about moving to KC has snatched us both from our comfort zones and placed us in a place where we truly have to rely on God for every single thing we need. It has been refreshing, but difficult. My school schedule isn’t ideal for a full-time job to the point I had to turn down an amazing full-time gig when we first arrived. Instead, I picked up part-time hours at a local Chick-fila for about 10 weeks and recently started a new job as a part-time teller at a local community bank.

One other great opportunity God has opened a door for lately – I just started working several hours a week as an Editorial Assistant for MBTS and our “For The Church” blog. The position includes a 4-hour scholarship and I have the privilege of working alongside Jared C. Wilson, whose writing has greatly influenced my walk with God prior to our move.

Paige has stayed busy nannying for a few families and substitute teaching some while finishing up edits on wedding films from back in Georgia. The big news this week (!) – she’ll soon start her new job as Director of the Midwestern Women’s Institute, a branch of our seminary that was created to foster community amongst the women at Midwestern and to equip women with Biblical training as they serve their families and the church.

At School
Insert hearty-eyed emojii here. School is, in a word, amazing. Back in early December, Paige and I toured the Midwestern campus and during it, kept sneaking glances at one another knowingly – God is in this place. From the faculty, to the campus, to the students and families that make up MBTS – God has pieced together an amazing community of believers .

I’m just finishing up my first semester and I’m satisfied with the results thus far. It’s been different leaning back into formal education, but it’s getting better. This semester I took two “regular” courses and one other in conjunction with the Together for the Gospel Conference in Louisville, KY. My two on-campus courses are “The Life and Theology of Jonathan Edwards” and “Church History I”, both taught by incredible men of God. I’ve been sitting in both classes just in awe of the confirmation I’ve received about being here.

This Summer I’ll be taking my first Hebrew course so that will be everything I expected seminary to be, ha.

At Church
This one is still sort of “up for grabs” as we’ve visited several places and haven’t settled anywhere yet. I miss Greenbriar deeply, but I will say the time spent sitting up under teaching in different congregations of all backgrounds and sizes has been refreshing and probably a bit more healing that I realize.

We’ve attended Redeemer Fellowship a good bit. It’s an Acts29 church in Kansas City and we love the services there. For the past few weeks we’ve visited a smaller, Southern Baptist Church, and we love the people there, too.

We’re still praying through the decision and should be able to put some roots down soon.

At Life
Aside from a quick year spent in Atlanta and Paige’s time finishing school in Athens, this is the only time either of us have put significant distance between ourselves and family and friends back in Georgia. It has its charms, but there are times of longing, too, when we want to share funny things or just catch up on life. But we know that building new relationships here is necessary and doing the hard work of growing in intimacy with new friends definitely won’t come easy. We’ve made GREAT friends already, but do pray for us as we set out to go deeper. God is gracious and He will continue to be so in this area of our lives, too.

This is also one of the first times in our adult lives we’ve experience what it means to be “in need”. Our savings dried up really quickly during the move and expenses here are slightly higher than those back in south Georgia. The addition of seminary costs to our regular expenses has stretched us really thin, too. Even still, we’ve seen God’s gracious hand in unexplainable ways. There are times of intense doubt, but His faithfulness has drawn us back in time after time.

Continue to pray for us and I’ll try to do a better job of updating. God has redirected the ship in the ministry/internship area of our lives, too. I’ll be posting soon about our (hopeful) plans for a pastoral/church planting internship in the fall.

Good times. Text us. Call us. Send us pics of your kiddos that we miss terribly (ahem, Jill Schroeder).


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